2008: A Hampton Roads Odyssey

BIG weekend.

rhaps and shrewlet came down, partially to socialize, and partially to pick up some unused floor tile from Starr’s mom.

I won’t list all the places to which I drove on Saturday and Sunday, it would be tedious for both writer and readers. But my destinations involved finances, prescriptions, breakfasts, lunch, dinner, additional socializing with Dwight, Bert, and Meche, HD channels for the TV, tile collection, and flowers.

The irises were interesting. Turns out that they were free because I had to dig them out of the lady’s downtown Norfolk garden myself. In the rain. And I hadn’t brought tools. And there were two hens and a rooster looking over my shoulder and providing constructive criticism.

On the other hand, the additional HD channels were all free, and consisted of content such as Discovery, Science, Food Network, Bravo, and TLC: the only sort of channels our TV tends to be tuned to anyway. We did watch 2001: A Space Odyssey on Universal HD, learning that yes, a pretty movie gets prettier at 1080i.

Good weekend, but I’m pooped.