Null Station Chronicles title test

A special treat for anyone who follows this blog: the new opening titles for the video version of the podcast, before even the podcast subscribers learn about it!

Catgirl of Battle Gaming Mini!

I have finally painted one of my custom-designed and 3D-printed Catgirl of Battle parody Warhammer 40K figures. Maybe I’ll actually manage a five-woman squad before Christmas LOL. I’m actually super-pleased with how she turned out, she exceeded my expectations!

The figure is based on a HeroForge body, is wearing shoulder armor scaled down from a full-size pattern, a modded power unit based on Games Workshop designs, and carries a singularity (power) sword modeled by me in Blender after a full-size prop. Can’t wait to work on the next one!

In the latest edition of Warhammer 40K, the depicted Catgirl of Battle counts as a Battle Sisters Sister Superior with a Boltgun and a Power Weapon. In Grimdark Future, the depicted Catgirl of Battle counts as a Battle Sister with an Assault Rifle and an Energy Sword.

RPG systems Michael owns

This is a “top of my head” list, and I may have forgotten a few. Starred titles are systems I personally like.

  • * Bunkers & Badasses (Tiny Tina of Borderlands runs an RPG)
  • * Deadlands (alternate Wild West with Cosmic Horror)
  • * Glitter Hearts (magical girls, also heavy on role-play)
  • * PARANOIA XP Edition
  • * Shadowrun Eds. 1-6
  • * Space: 1889
  • * Star Wars (the 90s D6 version)
  • * Teenagers From Outer Space (wacky anime school comedy)
  • * The Excellents (She-Ra for kids and kids-at-heart)
  • * Thirsty Sword Lesbians (more role-playing, less combat dice)

Wrestling With Chaos

I did the unthinkable today and tidied up my craft table before taking a dinner break. Usually I have to leave in a hurry because there’s a problem in another room, and I don’t get back for an hour or 20. This is nice!

Having multiple projects going at once actually helps when I get blocked on something or need to wait for a coat of paint to dry. Now, if I can just finish a few…

PARANOIA Miniatures

I may never run another game – I’m not sure the humor holds up in 2024 – but if I do, I’m pleased with these PARANOIA Troubleshooter minis I created in HeroForge. Might just order the STLs and print them in case.

Just Call Who

(to the tune of “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” by Sugarloaf)

Need assistance, the human resistance
Down to our remaining few
We said “Hey, mayday, we could use a real quick rescue
“And don’t be late, they’ll exterminate,
“This Dalek battle ain’t gone great”
We heard “Don’t call us, guys, just call Who.”

(We said, say what now?)
(What’s on second, man, you know that)
Don’t call us, just call Who
Don’t call us, just call Who


Figure painting progress

Painting a 3D-printed figure and I think I actually got the face right! This is Lisa, from Stjepan Šeji?’s “Sunstone” comic. While she’s technically clothed, it’s a provocative outfit, thus the edit. Still some touch-up to do here and there, but I’m taking a break for the night.

Voidknife Schematic Wallpaper

I needed new desktop wallpaper. This is a 3D rendering of Captain Shadow’s ship “Voidknife” as it has appeared in recent seasons of the video series. Of course, the show’s been on hold since Managlitch City and the planet Neimma became Clouded, but there’s always hope.

Classic Game “Marathon” Free on Steam

Released in 1994, this game could be called a Doom clone. It used a game engine that couldn’t handle ramps, curves, or solid enemy models. You can’t even jump! But it still had great graphics and an entire short sci-fi novel hidden in terminals that gave you objectives and the plot. I played this *so* much and even helped with creating a makeover mod for it!

Available free on Steam.

“Disinfection Protocol”

I wrote this in 2019 for a charity anthology. A mysterious casket had been unearthed in Alexandria, Egypt; the editors invited us to speculate as to the contents. Copyright is back to me, now; I welcome reasonable publication offers! This does tie in with other works in my “Core Code” universe, including “Flight of Doves”, “Jewel Team”, and “Managlitch City Underground”; exactly how, would be telling!

I should never have looked so closely at the bones. [Read more…]

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