RPG systems Michael owns

This is a “top of my head” list, and I may have forgotten a few. Starred titles are systems I personally like.

  • * Bunkers & Badasses (Tiny Tina of Borderlands runs an RPG)
  • * Deadlands (alternate Wild West with Cosmic Horror)
  • * Glitter Hearts (magical girls, also heavy on role-play)
  • * PARANOIA XP Edition
  • * Shadowrun Eds. 1-6
  • * Space: 1889
  • * Star Wars (the 90s D6 version)
  • * Teenagers From Outer Space (wacky anime school comedy)
  • * The Excellents (She-Ra for kids and kids-at-heart)
  • * Thirsty Sword Lesbians (more role-playing, less combat dice)

PARANOIA Miniatures

I may never run another game – I’m not sure the humor holds up in 2024 – but if I do, I’m pleased with these PARANOIA Troubleshooter minis I created in HeroForge. Might just order the STLs and print them in case.

Sylvan Information Run


From: LadySybilenne

To: KronosDomo

Re: Flotilla Jackalope

Surveillance continues on this group of shadowrunners as you requested. Activity has been low in recent months, but they seem to have picked up a bit in the last week. Our intelligence reports that they met with a fixer known as Morlock, where they appear to have accepted a run dealing with Sylvan Information.

Sylvan Information is a medium-size publishing company, with no overt ties to any large megacorps. They’ve made some decent money publishing New New Age drek – “Unlock the Power Within You!” and rumor has it they had just made a big deal with Elven guru Ehran the Scribe.

The Jackalope team made an astonishingly clean entry. Barghests drugged, maglocks bypassed. No gunfire or explosions detected. Quite professional, they went straight to their target, which seems to have been the wall safes of the President and Third Senior editor. Rumor suggests they got away with quite a lot of nuyen in certified credsticks, but this doesn’t seem to be the sort of place you’d target for a money raid.

There are no Matrix traces either, the SI system is blocked off the main nets and there’s no obvious traces of vandalism. We are still in no position to know what they were doing in there.


— Addendum —

Okay, we do know a little about what they were doing in there. Attached see a video recording file of the shadowrunners known as ‘Eowyn’ and ‘Yhotl’ borrowing the President’s mahogany desk for activities presumably unrelated to the run.

Please don’t ask me where we got this clip.