PARANOIA Miniatures

I may never run another game – I’m not sure the humor holds up in 2024 – but if I do, I’m pleased with these PARANOIA Troubleshooter minis I created in HeroForge. Might just order the STLs and print them in case.

Figure painting progress

Painting a 3D-printed figure and I think I actually got the face right! This is Lisa, from Stjepan Šeji?’s “Sunstone” comic. While she’s technically clothed, it’s a provocative outfit, thus the edit. Still some touch-up to do here and there, but I’m taking a break for the night.

Weapons Test

More 3D printing! This is a scene from one of my short comedy films in which intergalactic bounty hunter Sammie Eden is helping test some dubious “armor” against even more dubious “weapons”. The Diorama was a present for the actress. The pieces are kit-bashed from all kinds of sources, and often heavily modified by me in the Blender software.

Pirate Pistol Prop Printed Parts

Prop-in-progress: flintlock pistol for Barb’s pirate costume. Work laptop and home laptop provided for scale.

The prop that killed my resin 3D printer! Not really, I had just been using the printer non-stop since I got it as a late Xmas present and I think I just wore it out. Once the bad part was replaced, I finally finished re-printing the middle section with the trigger and flintlock, and today found the moxie to sand down all the square joints so they would fit snugly into their sockets – I don’t want this falling apart!

Now that the epoxy is drying, the next step is of course filling the seams, which won’t be too bad. The seams on each side of the lock are nice and square, but the one at the front of the barrel is a little uneven. Then a primer coat, and off if goes to Barb for her own custom paint job!!

I’m A Real Cosplayer

This is how you can tell: here’s all the bits I still have to attach to tomorrow’s outfit…

These Are The Voyages of the Sharkship Sarko

My friend Steven has been dealing with a LOT lately. Since he loves sharks, ST: Voyager, and Esperanto, I made him a little something on the 3D printer to remind him how much he is loved. (Shark with warp drive and dedication plaque full of in-jokes created in Blender.)

“Slowly, slowly! It’s too nice a job to rush.”

Just started a 3D print job that runs nearly the printer’s maximum height. Estimated time to completion: 16 hours 21 minutes.

Yes, the perfect hobby for “No-Patience Catbunny” here…


A Rare Specimen

So I’ve been having this problem: I print projects but am reluctant to assemble and paint them because I’m afraid to eff them up. So last night I started AND FINISHED an Animal Crossing fossil as a surprise for Maya. Still needs a top coat, but I like!