Fake European fun

Starr showed me YouTube footage last night of several Discovery Channel stars singing the Boom-de-ah-dah song live at some promotional event. I was tickled by the Alaskan ship captains jumping in, and am more convinced than ever that Mike Rowe is insane in a wonderful way.

We had multiple friends ask us out last weekend, and politely demurred every time; this was our first unscheduled time in months, and we were determined to enjoy it quietly at home, with no stressors, expenses, or travel. So, of course, we ended up at Busch Gardens.

Yeah, that plan worked out great, didn’t it?

But it was a gorgeous Saturday, and I’ve been trying to visit the park since moving to Hampton Roads. We’d purchased Virginia resident Fun Cards earlier, and the Old Country was calling our name, so out we went! The weather might have been a bit too gorgeous, actually, since we left the sunscreen in the car and Starr got a bit roasted. There were also a couple of lines where we were minutes away from abandoning our place and running for the nearest air-conditioning.

But we had a great time. The DarKastle ride may be our new favorite – the 3-D is quite effective, if artificial. I rode the Battering Ram for the first time, which was a mix of fun and “ohcrap ohcrap I am falllinnnngg!” Seriously… rides where I fall make my internal organs shift positions and are an exercise in endurance for me, not entertainment. I don’t know why.

The Big Bad Wolf, on the other hand, didn’t have too much falling for a roller coaster, and a lot of swooping. I love swooping 🙂 It was almost dark by the time we got to that one, which added a dimension. The turkey sandwich I ate at the Festhall was pretty yummy, if overpriced, and I made sure to eat it in small, well-chewed bites, in hopes of avoiding motion sickness later. The Corkscrew Hill 3-D simulator nearly defeated that strategy, however.

We also got to see live wolves and huge bald eagles in a predator show, and a pretty good Irish music and dance show. So, even with sunburn, exhaustion, and expense, I’m chalking it up as a success. On the other hand, Sunday was quiet, lazy, and cheap after all. It kind of needed to be.

The Ringtone Choir Invisible

Cell phone is absolutely D-E-D. Dammit.

I need to either go to the Sprint store tomorrow and get a new Motorola RAZR, or succumb to technolust, and go to the AT&T store and get an iPhone. Which would cost more. But I do want one.

Arrgh, the eternal balance of thrift and desire.