Hand’s not here.

I’d like to echo sentiments posted by snidegrrl a few months back: morning radio, shut up and play some damn music! I don’t mind headlines, I appreciate the weather, I can even deal with sports scores. But I don’t want to hear your views on welfare, library fines, or your cute little call-in battle of the sexes. Play some music! It’s your own fault that I’m not listening to your advertisers – I waited for 10 minutes, but finally gave up and switched over to my mp3 player which never makes me listen to anyone’s opinion.

On the other hand, it’s a cloudless, low-humidity 70 degrees this morning, so the start of the day isn’t all that bad. And I finally fixed the space bar on my work keyboard.

One can play the Lord of the Rings CCG online, buying virtual starter decks and boosters and playing 24/7 against people all over the globe. The tutorial is free, runs on OS X and Windows, and it looked like an easy way to learn the game, so I downloaded it. I’ve played 10 games, and been wiped out every time. Am I just not any good at collectible games? Does my brain just not have the correct logic paths? I know I’m a newbie playing against a computer, but still I thought I’d have won once. Or maybe even just barely lost. *sigh*

Entry-level Tolkien fans, save yourself some time! The Silmarillion in 1000 Words Surprisingly accurate, too.

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  • eeedge says:

    The Volvo (the car I’m driving this summer) doesn’t have a good antennae, so I have to accept whatever station I can get at any given morning. This morning, I had to listen to a local rock station that completely fit your complaint.

    Not one song in the 20 minutes I was driving. Two stupid quizzes that were ever-so-clever in their inuendo, lots of ads, and NO MUSIC.

    So I will join you in your acclamation of ‘s comments.

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