M for Monday

raininva and I went to see V for Vendetta yesterday. Considering the amount of whining that I’d seen at various ‘Net sites, I was surprised to enjoy it a great deal. It never went all stupid on me, and it practically begged for thought and argument about its ‘message’, rather than blind acceptance.

I’m really looking forward to Technicon. It looks like I’ll be a very busy camper that weekend, but that’s okay – I won’t get bored šŸ™‚

I’m working my way through my yearly LOTR re-read. I’ve got a lot of new books on the shelves waiting for me, but I needed the familiar lands of Middle-Earth for a while. I haven’t made it a page farther into “Wicked”, which tells you how gripping I’ve found it.

And I’m really done with 40-50 degree temperatures. It needs to get warm, and stay warm.

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  • I agree. If it’s going to be winter, then be winter. If it’s going to be spring, be spring. Quit this vascillating.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Technicon.

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