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  1. *Stomping*

    >>Still, one day I want to read a high fantasy novel where the elves are short-lived and highly industrial, if not technological. Perhaps the ancient lost civilization that left behind all the ruins and dungeons could be one of humans, or lizard men, or Things We Barely Understand instead of the freakin’ elves again. And hey, how about hippie, type B dwarves that live simple lives of farming and woodcarving? You get my drift, here?< <

    Darnit, don’t give me ideas–I’m just now trying to get back in the swing of writing short stories!

    >>Given how much of the car is factory-sealed, that may mean a trip to the dealership. šŸ™< <

    Hmmmm. All of that sounds electrical…maybe it’ll be one nice easy fix.

  2. There already is an asteroid Xena (a small one, in the main belt).

    Of course, there isn’t any rule that says different types of celestial bodies can’t share names.

  3. That’s part of the motivation for having a planetary definition. 2003UB313 couldn’t be given an actual name until we knew if it was a planet or not, because the IAU has strict naming conventions for planets vs. other types of objects.

    I wonder if Pluto’s new status means it’s ineligible for the name. Personally, I don’t think Pluto is a planet because there’s nothing to dynamically distinguish it from the rest of the “Plutinos” (KBOs in a 3:2 resonance with Neptune), but it should at get to keep the name. I don’t think anyone’s planning to change it.

    I also don’t consider this a “demotion”. It’s not like we’re assigning it different resposibilities, cutting back its hours or giving it a pay reduction. It’s still the same interesting object it was, and New Horizons is still (rightly) going to visit.

  4. Nekocon

    It is fun for a little while but don’t get your hopes up. You may get more out of it than I did the second time I went probably because my interest in anime was waning. If you want to get a good seat at the cos-play don’t be surprised if you have to camp out 5 hours early. I was two hours early and still had a seat in the back. The line wrapped outside the building.

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