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Questions from rattrap

Life has thrown you numerous curves. Besides the obvious, what was the biggest?

It would be interesting to make a list of the major turning points in my life, both positive and negative. Until I write that, I’ll assume that by “curve” you mean an event that was a mixed blessing at best or a disaster at worst.

Besides my Buckaroo Banzai impression, the most difficult “curve” has been my split with raininva. Not just my visible life, but my headspace has been changed permanently by it.


Once I would have insisted that Fandom Is Just A Gol-Danged Hobby, but nowadays I’d have to admit it’s A Way Of Life for me. I work at NASA. I drive for hours to pay to volunteer at cons. I still buy costumes and videos and novels and posters.

You can make fandom part of an integrated, balanced life that includes far more, and that’s the path I’d recommend to anyone; but I now realize there’s no escape for me, and I’m not really trying hard.

Fanfic- useful learning experience or waste of creative energy?

If you have the writing virus in you, any words are better than no words at all. I think that every sentence I’ve written has been good practice… even the ones I’m too embarrassed to show anyone now.

Would a completely original work be a better use of that energy? Perhaps, especially if your goal is professional publication. (Though that target is changing rapidly thanks to this Series Of Tubes.) Fanfic is nothing to be ashamed of, though. Everyone starts somewhere.

With years of distance, what’s your opinion of that night at the lake in NC?

A large part of my life, including the incident to which you refer, has been filed – but never forgotten – under “Things For Which I’m Never Going To Get A Complete Explanation.”

I still treasure that night and those like it, with all the folks we had involved. I wouldn’t trade the camaraderie, thrills, expansion of horizons, and self-discovery for a minute.

X-wing, Viper or Valkyrie?

Good rides, all of them; but I’m going to have to switch to Battroid, trigger the Super boosters, and lock the Strike cannon on target…

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