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The Halloween workplace — 10 Comments

  1. At my immediately previous job, there was even a “decorate your department” contest every year. I kind of half enjoyed and half loathed it, because it was compulsory. Sometimes I needed to get some damn work done.

    I haven’t seen anyone in costume here yet, so I assume it doesn’t happen. Better for me, but less marvelous in the end.

  2. No… sadly, there was a work event today that prevented me from doing my normal office decoration and costume. I could put on a name-tag that said “Ms. Information” but no one would really pay attention anyway… ๐Ÿ™

  3. I have an unfortunate tendency to only accumulate anime-themed costumes that nobody at work would get. These also tend to be fairly complicated, and not that comfortable to send the day in.

  4. Yes, I can actually say that we dressed up at where I work. Not the sheer volume of people that I have seen at other jobs in the past but it was still fun.
    I wore part of my SCA gear which included a 3/4 length chaimail shirt (approx weight 45lbs) for most of the day. My tabard with my coat of arms and my squire’s belt. I wasn’t allowed to bring my sword, even though it would be peace bonded from heck, still wasn’t allowed to. (party poopers).
    Still had a lot of looks of oohs and ahhs, mostly because the thing is so darn heavy people were amazed that I could wear it.
    Snacked on munchies throughout the day, got Some work done, but no much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. OK, I dug out the jester’s hat and wore that all day. It’s not exactly a costume, but at least it does make me look ridiculous. Given the weather this morning, the kilt may have been appropriate, but I also have a tendency not to equate “garb” with “costume”.

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