One foot in front of the other

Cyberpunk decker, from Rising Star something-something New favorite bookmark – Gmaps Pedometer. Turns out that the round trip here at work that I’ve been estimating at 1.25 miles is actually 1.11, and I burned ~190 calories making the trip (or most of one 20oz Coke).

I’m really tired of my spare tire. Not only is it forcing me to get rid of perfectly decent clothes, but a couple weeks ago I was winded just coming up a flight of stairs. This is unacceptable! I am now trying to get at least a mile of walking in every day. I think it’s time to try Diet Coke again, as well.

This old convention photo shows how I was built back in the late 80s. Many people these days don’t believe this is a picture of me! I think the hair will stay a memory, and my shoulders are permanently broadened by the crutches, but I’d like my chin back, and the ability to see my belt buckle. I really feel that I can do this.

Hmmm, the pedometer says that walking from my apartment to the nearby dog groomer and back is a mile. Think I’ll be doing that one on weekends.