Another crushing Invid defeat

Last night I had my first taste of lobster in decades. I’d been putting a lot of energy into taking care of Starr lately, with her overwork issues and such; she decided it was my turn, and set up a lovely lobster and shrimp dinner for me.

Those things are hard to stare down – I’ve always been a bit wary of food that’s looking back at me. Luckily, lobsters look evil enough that I can tell myself that it would gladly eat me if our roles were reversed, and start dismembering the thing. (Cows are the same way. Don’t trust ’em, that’s all I’ll tell you.)

Very tasty; in fact, it tasted better with lemon juice than melted butter, to my surprise. I think that crab legs are still the shellfish win for me, but this is not a complaint I’m registering. I greatly appreciated the effort and expense!

Saturday was fun, but hectic and busy. A local crafter’s group pow-wow led into an unsuccesful Korean food run which preceeded a graduation party which turned into an unexpected late night hot-tubbing which became an overnight stay which included brunch the next morning with our host’s parents. I may not have gotten my explicit mileage in, but given the amount of time I spent on my feet, I’m calling it an exercise win.

Sunday mostly involved the couch, the kitten, and a lot of Discovery Network.

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  • shrewlet says:

    i had the same issues with mussels. I was afraid to try them because I thought that they would have the same consistancy that oysters have. However, at an Olive Garden, I gave them a try and to my surprise I found them quite pleasant. These had a similar taste, IMO to scallops which I adore.

    I’m glad that you tried the lobster, glad that you had a good time, after what the 2 of you have been through, you deserve it.


  • anterus says:

    Gods, crab legs really are the win, and I’ve not had them in AGES. I suppose I could fix that, Kroger sells ’em. Hm.

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