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130 Leagues Over the Asphalt — 4 Comments

  1. Route 460 was a beautiful, tranquil drive, though. I’m sold on that road for now.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had any trouble with 460 between Roanoke and Richmond/Norfolk, except that it’s 30-60 minutes slower than 81/64. Plus, last time I used it, I ended up avoiding a nasty accident on 64, which never hurts. Pretty much all the trucks’ll and most of the cars will use 64, which makes 460 just a lot less crowded, every time I’ve been on it.

  2. If I had the ability, I’d happily offer you guys crash space. (I’ve *got* to move out.) I’m glad to hear your mom’s doing better. If it’s any consolation, a good friend of mine close to her age has had three strokes, including one that left her in an extended coma, and she’s almost fully recovered. In fact if you didn’t know she’d had them, you would never guess. Strokes are scary, serious things, but with the progress your mom is making, I’d hold lots of hope. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you down here, okay? ::hugs::

  3. I’m glad y’all came out on Sunday. The game just sometimes…doesn’t take hold. At the next session, though, you’re gonna make Rio, and probably find out what this money is being used for.

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