AllerGEE, AllerGAA

(This would have been posted this morning were it not for the LJ downtime)

If I should pass away from exhaustion and allergy-caused asphyxiation, I just want you all to know that I died the way I lived: semi conscious and sniffling. Seriously, this morning I was so wobbly, I thought I might wreck my car on the way into work… and tonight I’ll be putting my back into it again and hauling more boxes.

QQ, I know, but I’m honestly having some trouble coping at the moment. I’ll manage, of course, but oy. I’m in a closed office for the next hour, doing a software upgrade and tapping away on the Newton, and it’s awfully tempting to take a nap. Bad Idea.

On the good side of things, I played some PS2 Fatal Frame on a five-foot plasma flat panel TV last night. That was kinda fun.

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