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I just found the Megazone 23 3-disc DVD set on Barnes and Noble. These movies influenced my imagination strongly, and I set one of the strongest pieces of fanfic I’ve written aboard a similar Megazone.

I got to tell you, though, this Christmas my reptilian “want” reflex is a little muted by the recent move. I can’t forget that everything I might buy, or receive as a gift, is something I may have to pack up and move in a box someday. Right now, I’m not thrilled at the prospect; who knows, perhaps my distaste will fade over coming months.

On the other hand, I still do have a B&N card from my birthday… and a couple hardcovers or a DVD set don’t take up all that much space… right? Right?

Yeah. I think I’ll wait until after the holidays and see if I still want it then 🙂

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  • vond says:

    Even without the prospect of moving, I am trying to get off of buying physical media where I can. DVD’s can be Netflix’ed, and books can be bought in ebook form or borrowed from a library. Perhaps when I finish the basement I will make a room with floor to ceiling shelves and I can consider getting physical media again.

  • rattrap says:

    They’re pretty good dubs. I haven’t watched Part II thoroughly yet (don’t want to ruin the memories), so I don’t know if it was edited or not. Wouldn’t it just be classic Hollywood if they left in poor Captain Kangaroo being ripped to shreds, but cut out the sex scenes?

    I wish we could lay hands on DVD copies of those wonderful old Australian dubs from the eighties of Macross ’84, Megazone Part II and My Youth in Arcadia. Megazone and Youth, in particular are amazingly well done. I compared the dub of Arcadia to the best regarded fansub script, and the differences were negligible- the kind of things you’d expect when two different people translate the the same script well- different, but equally plausible.

    As for Megazone, who can forget, “Who? Who’s that you say? Johnny… Winters? So sorry. I don’t know the guy!” What a delightful smart-ass!

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