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Harry Potter and the Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack

Hermione: Hey, I was thinking…

Ron: Not again!

Hermione: (ignoring him) None of us want to say You-Know-Who’s name because he knows when you do it, right?

Harry: Yes, he’s magically linked to the sound, it automatically draws his attention to you so he knows what you’re saying about him. Why?

Hermione: Well, back home this summer I was reading about a website called Slashdot…

Ron: What’s a ‘web site’? Not more spiders, ugh!!

Harry & Hermione: (Ignoring him)

One week later…

“Daily Prophet” barker: EXTRA! EXTRA! Harry Potter gets entire wizarding world to say Voldemort’s name at once! Dark Wizard found dead in lair with brain cells leaking out of his ears! Read All About It!

(inspired in part by the Luna-C performance at MarsCon of all seven books in 45 minutes, and by Starr)

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