We have Main Engine Start

This is the first shuttle launch in decades that I’ve managed to watch live. The experience takes my breath away; so daring, so defiant, putting people atop all that high explosive and flinging them into the hostile vacuum above us. I’m not always thrilled with my species, but this sort of thing restores my faith in our future… at least briefly.

In a very small way, I contributed to this launch, which only adds to the thrill. I contributed indirectly, to be sure, just by doing my day job keeping the Macs of Langley humming; but I’m proud nevertheless.

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  • aylinn says:

    *high fives Mikailborg*

    Hail Fellow Tech Support!

  • cjmr says:

    I don’t think I’ve watched one live since John Glenn went up (1998?).

  • I got to see one a while ago and tony got to see this one..he has been in FL this past week what with Spring training nd al and if one tnds at the top of a certain vbsebll prk one watch take offse from a distnce. He was there tonight watchig a baseball game …hehehe it is amazing.
    About 5 or more years ago, they invited the Tuskeegee airmen down to wtch one…my Da was stil semi coherent and got to go…ust think, a guy who was born shortly after the writebothers went u..got to se inte a lovespace shuttle go u…. wow.

  • fishy1 says:

    restores my faith in our future… at least briefly.

    this, and a lot of other things as well.

    Congrats on getting to watch, and on contributing.

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