Character overview: April “Nebula” Vincent


April entered the shadowrunning scene as a small-time indie rockergirl playing what clubs she could find, but as her reputation grew, she became well-known all over Seattle and even some places beyond. A talented decker as well, she made money off several bootleg albums by breaking into record company financial computers and taking what she felt was fair. The record companies used this in advertising, and everyone ended up happy.

Eventually, Nebula joined the Global Security Services Corporation worldwide troubleshooting company, where she theoretically works in HR, but often seems to be out on murky ‘special projects’.


Bubbly and intelligent are the first terms that come to mind when describing this woman. She’s almost always charismatic and high-spirited, both of which serve her well on stage; and she loves a good puzzle to solve.


Nebula is tall with broad shoulders and hips. She has blue eyes, a narrow nose, and very dark black hair that she usually wears short on the right and waist-length on the left. Her eyebrows have an odd double curve that make them look like small comets. For street wear, she favors armored leathers, usually in asymmetric cuts to match her hairstyle. Her decking icon is a woman made of stars: a walking constellation.

Favorite weapon:

While she normally prefers to charm adversaries with her music, or ruin their credit ratings with her deck, Nebula has learned that sometimes the direct approach is best. She therefore has become quite skilled in the use of military-grade sniper rifles: she feels that the best fight is one that’s over before it gets to her.


Nebula will sometimes zone out in the middle of a stressful situation, which oddly enough will not prevent her from taking an active part in it though she’s “away”. Sometimes, she will even start singing, quietly or loudly. When she comes out of it, she will seem to be unaware of what just transpired.


After 20 years of adventuring, Nebula still looks about twenty-five years old, and no one can find any proof of surgery or magical preservation. She’s also rather vague about her childhood when asked; the street says she sprang into existence at 25 and is holding there.

She is believed to be the sometime bed partner of Glenn Karter, the owner of the GSSC.

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