Installing Skyrim Using Wine on Mac OS X

Computer used: 2009 Mac Pro with 8 GB memory, a 1 GB Apple graphics card, and OS X 10.9 Mavericks

  1. Purchase Skyrim on Steam. (By waiting for the right sale, I got it for $5.)
  2. Download ThePortingTeam’s Wine wrapper for Skyrim.
  3. Follow the installation instructions under “Installation”. Run Skyrim at least once. At this point Skyrim worked excellently except for a horrible display bug. So, after a lot of websites and some guessing…
  4. Right-click on the wrapper (the Skyrim icon), choose “Open Package Contents”, and open just as you did during Step 3.
  5. Click “Set Screen Options”. Uncheck “Use Mac Driver instead of X11”.
  6. Under “Override Wine control of Screen Settings?” click “Override”.
  7. Under “Override Settings” make sure that “Fullscreen” is checked. Under “Installer Options” make sure that “Force Normal Windows” is checked.
  8. Click “Done”. Click “Quit”. Double-click the wrapper icon, and enjoy your game!

I also installed the Unofficial Skyrim Patches, SKSE, and SkyUI, but that’s for another time. Further, I updated the wrapper engine to WS9Wine1.7.21, but I’m not sure I needed to do that. If you do, the instructions are on the Wineskin Winery website.

Have fun hunting dragons!

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