We’re leaving Mother Earth…

This is NOT from the upcoming movie, but from a Japanese tie-in game. It rules anyway. If possible, click through and watch the HD version instead of the embedded one!

Starr, who’s currently unfamiliar with the Yamato franchise, said that the ship looked like the ether flyer Thunderchild to her. I took that as quite the compliment 🙂

A warm morning at Pad 39A

The website We Choose The Moon is covering the Apollo 11 mission “live” (with a 40-year audio delay). There are countdown and mission timers, Flash presentations of facts and images, and Twitter feeds of CapCom’s and Columbia’s (and eventually Eagle’s) statuses. Looks like they’re planning to follow the mission all the way to the landing, at least. I’ve got the audio feed running in the background at work.

Launch is in just under an hour, and I’m spamming this to all my social networks, because that’s the kind of dork I am.

Good News and Bad News

Yesterday was a real roller-coaster ride.

I was slammed with tickets at work yesterday, and fell behind despite my best efforts. I’m catching up a little bit today, but what a mess. There is never a lack of things for me to do here, let me tell you!

So, back in April, the driver’s door switch in the Hyundai broke. The car believed that the door was constantly ajar, meaning I couldn’t keep the power locks locked while the car was in motion (BAD), the dome light wanted to stay on all the time (turned it off), and the open-door dinger would chime erratically (psychosis-inducing).

While I still have to take the car by the dealership for several reasons, it finally occurred to me that with three pennies and a bit of duct tape, I could restore proper function to the switch. Now the locks work right, I’ve got my dome light back, and the dinger is no longer suggesting that I go on a three-state murder spree.

Then we headed over to ptownhiker‘s superhero game; and, less than a block away from the venue, someone’s cat darted in front of the car. It was over before I registered the blurred shadow. We pulled over immediately, and found the owners, but it was far too late. The owners thanked us for having the decency to stop and find them… thank goodness I was heading straight to a big gathering of friends, because that was a hell of a downer.

The WWII superhero game, on the other hand, may have been the best session we’ve had in the campaign. All the heroes pulled together as a team and contributed something vital to the rescue of a torpedoed troopship in the North Atlantic, and the evening was full of crazy plans and laughter. One of the heroes has what is basically the Portal super power, and we come up with a new way to abuse it almost every session 🙂

And this morning I found where I’d accidentally hidden my iPod from myself. So, an eventful day-and-a-half.

EDIT: Here’s a Flash version of the Portal game. I wish I hadn’t found this at work 🙂 http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/

Clearly a 6-man raid

Playing around with the WoW Item Creator

Dragon Dagger

No, it’s not actually in the game. 🙂

Set to “liquefy”

Me being “funny” at Technicon 24’s “Whose Con Is It Anyway”, courtesy of nius.

Improv really is harder than it looks. Also, I really really really need to start getting some exercise 🙁

Morning television

Two bits of video that have made me happy this week:

Go Go Gadget Beatbox!

I’m pretending I don’t have to leave for work

It’s web video linkage thingy time!

“Cap-tain… Jean-Luc Pi-card… U-S-S… Ent-er-prise!”

How does the average WoW player feel about Murlocs? Approximately how Gimli felt about orcs. Now, here’s a complete Flash Murloc RPG to give you the fish-man perspective.

And Samorost, where I don’t know what’s going on yet ’cause I haven’t played enough. Cool looking, though.

Get some green colour

Cute flash animation, with a dangerously catchy tune. A little unpolished, but it’s not like I could do better.

Re-Animator! The Song and The Animation

“Move your dead bones, bones, bones…”

EDIT: I’ve discovered the creator. This is her LJ post about her creation.

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