Finally woke up about 10:30 this morning… bad enough, except I’d already been at work for 2 hours by that time. I slept very badly Saturday and Sunday nights; considering that I was very busy both days, that means that by yesterday afternoon, I was pretty dead. The dreams have been many and interesting, as well; one of Sunday’s involved, myself, raininva, jdunson, and other local fen being chased from Hogwarts by bad guys. Eventually, when they couldn’t find us in the room in which we’d holed up, they just stole the whole room.

One good thing happened to me on Sunday; I reluctantly entered November’s first MechWarrior: Dark Age sanctioned scenario, and walked off with second prize. (Rain and I were supposed to compete for first and second, but I got hit with a clue round, and offered her first place before we began, thus saving a lot of useless bloodshed. *grin*)

Rising Star 11 starts in three days. Am I ready? (Insert maniacal laughter here…)

Secrets of the lost Keeble masters

Only after 13 straight hours of staring into these monitors will the phrase “Ahhh, Elfhopper, I see your cookie-fu is strong” make an entire room of people giggle hysterically.

We are now building an advanced school of self-defense based on the products of the cookie aisle at the supermarket.

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