Brief updates

  • 07:53 Just learned that Julia Child spied for the Allies in WW2. The world is a touch more awesome. #
  • 10:47 Oh, look, another crash project. There went me getting tickets done today. #
  • 20:00 Got minor ‘attaboy’ from boss this afternoon. On way out, felt much more willing to stay 15 mins. extra to break down monitor boxes. #

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Are You Sure This Is the Atlanta Exit?

Cthulhu on a crutch. I am gobsmacked.

Keith “southernsinger” Brinegar, of White Plectrum, has been asked to be the Filk Guest Of Honor at DragonCon!

This may well be my first and only SQUEEEE! in my LiveJournal.

Now I HAVE to go down there. I gotta research hotel rooms tonight!!

This is wonderful!

“Microhumans? Microhumans!”

So after an evening of trying to guess other people’s movie quotes, I’ve tossed in ten of mine in no special order.

The quotes…

Geek Moment!

So, I’m playing the 3D cyberpunk video game “Deus Ex” yesterday… I find a note that an engineer has left for his superior, alerting him that the new root password for the local computer system is “reindeerflotilla.”

I sit there and think, “That sounds so familiar… why is that familiar to me?”

Turns out it’s the internal level 6 password to the Emcon mainframe that Jeff Bridges uses in the movie “Tron.”

Why does my brain only store this stuff? Why can’t I remember anything useful?

Mixed Marriages CAN Work!

Just finished re-reading the third of the Lord of the Rings books, and looked up some dates in the Appendix… at the time of the first movie, Aragorn (Strider) is 85 years old! I want to look that good when I’m 85 – guess I’d better start working on it now 🙂

The elven princess Arwen, on the other hand, is a youthful 2800. Elrond is somewhere in the 8,000 – 12,000 year old range… when he starts on the “Back in MY day…” line, he means it…