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This guy was serious — 10 Comments

  1. Perhaps you guys need to put a big sign: “Items like ’27’, ‘1970’, and ‘#*&^$^!’ count as words in totaling your price. Please do not try and nitpick with us about this.” :\

  2. I ran your suggestion by the staff – they really liked the idea; especially our regular counter person, who while no dummy, is a very non-technical person with an occasionally thick Appalachian mountain accent.

    Listening to her trying out “Ah’m sahrry, but we have to chahge per straing of owlphunameric charactahs” really made the afternoon. 🙂

  3. I actually froze up, I couldn’t believe he was saying that to me with a straight face. I finally just stated politely but flatly that he had to pay for 17 words or we couldn’t place the ad.

  4. Or for the less technologically inclined:

    “Every time we touch the space bar, it’s a new “word”.”

    Oh well. Your nitpicking is about what a “word” is. Mine is about when an “hour” starts or ends. 9.9

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