PARANOIA Miniatures

I may never run another game – I’m not sure the humor holds up in 2024 – but if I do, I’m pleased with these PARANOIA Troubleshooter minis I created in HeroForge. Might just order the STLs and print them in case.

Just Call Who

(to the tune of “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” by Sugarloaf)

Need assistance, the human resistance
Down to our remaining few
We said “Hey, mayday, we could use a real quick rescue
“And don’t be late, they’ll exterminate,
“This Dalek battle ain’t gone great”
We heard “Don’t call us, guys, just call Who.”

(We said, say what now?)
(What’s on second, man, you know that)
Don’t call us, just call Who
Don’t call us, just call Who


Figure painting progress

Painting a 3D-printed figure and I think I actually got the face right! This is Lisa, from Stjepan Šeji?’s “Sunstone” comic. While she’s technically clothed, it’s a provocative outfit, thus the edit. Still some touch-up to do here and there, but I’m taking a break for the night.

Voidknife Schematic Wallpaper

I needed new desktop wallpaper. This is a 3D rendering of Captain Shadow’s ship “Voidknife” as it has appeared in recent seasons of the video series. Of course, the show’s been on hold since Managlitch City and the planet Neimma became Clouded, but there’s always hope.

Classic Game “Marathon” Free on Steam

Released in 1994, this game could be called a Doom clone. It used a game engine that couldn’t handle ramps, curves, or solid enemy models. You can’t even jump! But it still had great graphics and an entire short sci-fi novel hidden in terminals that gave you objectives and the plot. I played this *so* much and even helped with creating a makeover mod for it!

Available free on Steam.

“Disinfection Protocol”

I wrote this in 2019 for a charity anthology. A mysterious casket had been unearthed in Alexandria, Egypt; the editors invited us to speculate as to the contents. Copyright is back to me, now; I welcome reasonable publication offers! This does tie in with other works in my “Core Code” universe, including “Flight of Doves”, “Jewel Team”, and “Managlitch City Underground”; exactly how, would be telling!

I should never have looked so closely at the bones. [Read more…]

I Was Made For Loving To Dance

This Ranger was Maid for Lovin’! I’m well out of practice but I was pleased to get some more movement in this one for the full-body tracking. This game is so great… I wish I had the energy to play more often. I’d probably be a lot trimmer in real life!

Weapons Test

More 3D printing! This is a scene from one of my short comedy films in which intergalactic bounty hunter Sammie Eden is helping test some dubious “armor” against even more dubious “weapons”. The Diorama was a present for the actress. The pieces are kit-bashed from all kinds of sources, and often heavily modified by me in the Blender software.

Pirate Pistol Prop Printed Parts

Prop-in-progress: flintlock pistol for Barb’s pirate costume. Work laptop and home laptop provided for scale.

The prop that killed my resin 3D printer! Not really, I had just been using the printer non-stop since I got it as a late Xmas present and I think I just wore it out. Once the bad part was replaced, I finally finished re-printing the middle section with the trigger and flintlock, and today found the moxie to sand down all the square joints so they would fit snugly into their sockets – I don’t want this falling apart!

Now that the epoxy is drying, the next step is of course filling the seams, which won’t be too bad. The seams on each side of the lock are nice and square, but the one at the front of the barrel is a little uneven. Then a primer coat, and off if goes to Barb for her own custom paint job!!

About Damn Time For Dancing

I have commissioned a custom avatar twice, each time for a considerable (for me) amount of money. Now that I’ve used VRoid Studio, I understand that each time that’s what the artist was using, and it was time for me to buckle down and learn it well enough to get the results I wanted. The artists I commissioned weren’t sure about simulating facial hair, adding the hair bow, or adapting the VRoid for Beat Saber among other things.

But now I have had a little practice. (Though it looks like I may somehow have deleted the save file, so the next incarnation may look a little different once again.) This time, the MeidoRanger looks even more like me and has a fun hairstyle that swings around while I move. And I figured out how to make the outfit glossy in Unity while I was adapting the VRoid for VR gaming use. I swear, I’m learning more about 3D modeling than I ever intended to!

I literally had to downgrade my Unity install: the feature that animates the hair and skirt doesn’t yet work with the newest. (Thankfully, one can have multiple installs.) The only way to get a bow on the back of my head was to lie to VRoid and claim it was oddly-styled hair. Of course, I had to fix the neckline since I have no maid dresses which show it, and I had to put on a second invisible skirt so that the apron tails would move separately. So many little things to do! Next, I plan to curl the fingers so I’m holding the sabers better. But of now, I’m really happy with this avatar, and plan to make videos with far greater frequency. I think we can agree, it’s about damn time.

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