Mood Swingin’

Yesterday, after a day that wasn’t my favorite lately, an incredibly cool thing happened to me. Backstory: over ten years ago, some jerk stole my Canon AE-1 Program camera, probably for his drug habit. Yesterday, Rain shows me my birthday present she’d just bought on eBay. Guess what it is? It even comes with more lenses than I had!

Rain is simply the coolest person I know. I was practically bouncy for the next several hours (a rare condition for me!!)

My work today is trying hard to get my goat, but every time I start getting irritated (and it’s been several times so far today – I have a bad feeling about the day) I just think about getting to play with my camera soon, and I’m smiling again. It should bug the heck out of my co-workers.

Today I loaned Nick one of the copies of the Dirty Pair anime movie that Jerry, Rhaps, Cindy, Beth, Tony and I dubbed all those years ago: “Project: EDEN”. I hope he’ll be kind. šŸ™‚

I wish my work phone had speed-dial. I don’t think I have a shot in Hades of winning those Rod Stewart tickets for Rain (but I will keep trying!!!)

TJ just showed me a photo of the movie-quality Imperial Stormtrooper costume he used to own, and just sold for $900. I always wanted one of those… but not that badly!

Yeah, yeah, I know… back to work.

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  • raininva says:

    Win the tickets!

    Win the Rod Stewart Tickets, Win the Rod Stewart tickets!

  • kittykatya says:

    Completely off-topic…

    Just a couple of things…

    1) Hiya! *hugs to you and Rain, but I’ll probably duplicate that in her journal*

    2) When perusing your interests, one horrified thought crossed my brain…
    “Latex BDSM Space Rogues? Damn, that would be one v-e-r-y special edition.” [big ol’ grin]

    hee hee hee … try not to let Rule #1 hit too hard on that one. šŸ˜€

  • Mikhail says:

    Re: Completely off-topic…

    Ya know, I ran with that and got all the way through the crew of the Mirage without any scarring mental images, but once I hit Paradisio’s space stations… *nauseated shudder*

  • kittykatya says:

    Re: Completely off-topic…

    Hey, I’m thinking Gareth would be great as a dominatrix. šŸ™‚ Someday we might be able to reshoot that episode so that I can get my one chance to play a villain.

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