Dragon*Con 2005 report, pt. 4

Sunday, 9/4

Sunday I decided to finally drag out the only costume I’d packed, my Enterprise uniform. On a whim, I headed to the Dealers’ Room where a booth was selling animal ears, and found a pair of ‘cat ears’ which perfectly matched my head hair. The combination had unexpected results; all day, people decided I was dressed as John Candy from Spaceballs, and I was in too good a mood to correct anyone. I must have been asked to pose 7 or 8 times, so my vanity was well stoked. Costuming felt good. I will be bringing more outfits next time.

I suppose it’s possible that more people saw Spaceballs than ever saw an episode of Enterprise.

Headed to one of Connor Trineer’s panels in hopes of a picture with him, but the line outside the ballroom in question stretched practically into the next hotel. A shame, as he was always my favorite part of Enterprise. I wandered instead into a MSTing of The Empire Strikes Back, which to my great surprise, was hilarious. I’d always assumed you couldn’t MST an actually good film. Another panel with the actors who portray the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter flicks had been cancelled, so I wandered about the con for a while, making most of my actual purchases.

It was either today or the day before that I picked up my favorite bit of loot: a brand-new copy of Fourth Edition Shadowrun, personalized to me by Mike Mulvihill (inventor of Shadowrun) and Jordan Weisman (inventor of FASA and WizKids). My wife rocks, BTW.

The masquerade was broadcast on the hotel TV network, so we opted to watch from the comfort of our room. Some of the costumes were incredible – the three Warhammer 40K Space Marines, painted not realistically but as if painstakingly detailed by a giant with a telephone-pole sized paintbrush, were completely stunning – but believe it or not, Technicon and Rising Star’s masquerades run smoother and more professionally. Honestly! Perhaps at Dragon*Con’s level, it’s just too much to easily handle, but we local con staffs have nothing to be embarrassed about.

EDIT: Oh, and speaking of such, they had one filker, a relatively famous one on the con circuit, cover the kids’ costume judging; and another one cover the main judging. Keith, we have to get you to Dragon*Con. The first guy had fair material, but no singing voice to speak of. The second guy might be useful in extracting information from suspected terrorists. White Plectrum may not be as well known, but honestly – not as a fanboy at all – it’s a better act.

Masquerade over, and the hotels start truly rocking for the last evening of the con. The noise several floors up is quite distinct, and according to people’s photo journals, some of the best hall costumes of the weekend came out. Sadly, your hero is old and tired. I didn’t leave the room after we turned off the TV, and conked out before midnight.

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  • I’ve been wanting to get to Dragon for quite some time now. Maybe I can manage it within the next year or so, now that things will be settled into some semblance of a normal life … if one could call what we all like to do “normal”. Add that to the fact that a couple of people down here in ‘skubed are also on the Dragon committee, and know some people who could possibly help … so maybe, just maybe …

    Yeah, we can take ’em. Whaddya say, gang?

  • Addendum:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence!!!

  • trenn says:

    On a whim, I headed to the Dealers’ Room where a booth was selling animal ears, and found a pair of ‘cat ears’ which perfectly matched my head hair.

    Oooh… *salivates* Might you possibly have contact into for that dealer? Or at least the name, so I can troll the con’s website?

  • Mikhail says:

    I don’t think I ever got that info, but I’ll dig around a bit; if I find it, it’s yours. Besides, they had matching bunny ears too.

  • trenn says:

    Cool. It’s not a big rush, anyway. The earliest I’d be wearing them would likely be Technicon, anyway. Too much to do before Rising Star to worry about it.

    Though it would be handy if they have ears that would match that tail I made years ago, that I still have. 🙂

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