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  1. I’m certainly a fan of the original F-14ish Valkyrie, and it did have the advantage that the F-14 is on a very minimal level a transformable plane in real life with the variable wing sweep. The F-22, however, with the weirdly blocky look that comes from the combination of low-speed stealth, high-speed supercruise, and internal weapons… actually looks more like something that could be the result of transformation, compensating for less-sleek jet form with more powerful sci-fi engines. (And, in reality, original F-14 engines, 2x ~20.9k lb; F-22, 2x ~35k lb. More than 30 years makes a difference even without alien technology.)

  2. It’s not that I mind F-22s in general. We even know you can transform one – Starscream became one for the Transformers movie. However, I doubt they can do a transforming F-22 in the elegant modular style of the old Valkyries; they’d probably have to do the “shell of armor plates over hundreds of tiny linked bits” trick that Michael Bay used.

    Honestly, there are probably good structural and practical arguments for the latter technique. But I feel that the modular technique is more impressive when pulled off well.

  3. Vanessa Hudgens might be another good choice, and she played an Indian character in Thunderbirds (well, at least the puppet Tintin was supposed to be Indian). Of course, the High School Musical crossover could be either good or bad…

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