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To-Do Listing — 3 Comments

  1. I know just the items you’re talking about. Don’t forget to bounce over to Don’s Light and Magic (http://www.dlmparts.com/) to get the corrected bridge/B deck module and decals.

    I need to dig out the Miranda at my house and see if I still have a loose VF-1, so I can do some castings of it. We can get all the rest of the shuttles from Federation.

  2. Thanks for the link to Don’s! It’s awfully tempting to get the lighting materials, but I think that’s too ambitious for me right now. Though I bet the clear blue nacelle grilles would look great just backed by aluminum foil…

    I hope you have that little VF-1, I was afraid I might have to construct one by hand. I might still make a Switchblade or two, though. Frankly, Yeager has so many cool embarked craft that I was thinking of building a “docking platform” display base where I could park some of them for better visibility. Hey… what’s that squared, silvery pillar in the corner?

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