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This was supposed to be the week where I caught up on sleep and email and life. I think I’m about 83% caught up on email, but the rest of it all still needs some work!

Just had to write another program book blurb about me. I hate doing that, I never feel like I’m any good at selling myself. But I’m pleased with how it came out, so I’ll consider it additional experience in an unfamiliar writing style.

I found today the Federation Models ( website which has all the customization pieces I wanted to complete the Grin’elle Kriet-era U.S.S. Yeager model kit. This is really tickling the bits of my brain that want to dig out the Dremel Tool and styrene glue again.

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  • rattrap says:

    I know just the items you’re talking about. Don’t forget to bounce over to Don’s Light and Magic ( to get the corrected bridge/B deck module and decals.

    I need to dig out the Miranda at my house and see if I still have a loose VF-1, so I can do some castings of it. We can get all the rest of the shuttles from Federation.

  • Mikhail says:

    Thanks for the link to Don’s! It’s awfully tempting to get the lighting materials, but I think that’s too ambitious for me right now. Though I bet the clear blue nacelle grilles would look great just backed by aluminum foil…

    I hope you have that little VF-1, I was afraid I might have to construct one by hand. I might still make a Switchblade or two, though. Frankly, Yeager has so many cool embarked craft that I was thinking of building a “docking platform” display base where I could park some of them for better visibility. Hey… what’s that squared, silvery pillar in the corner?

  • anterus says:

    You are a bad person, sir. Very bad…

    It’s a good thing I know I don’t have the time, money, or space.

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