Because it was hard, you fools

By an odd coincidence, I’ve had to deal with the “No, we didn’t land on the Moon!” claim three times in the last few days. My views on it ought to be pretty obvious: if you really want a conspiracy theory, there are far more plausible ones than that.

My current favorite argument against the Hoax: There were thousands, if not millions, of Very Very Smart people involved in the Apollo program. Either they were in on the secret or they weren’t; if they were in on the secret, then it wasn’t much of a secret, really. It’s like the “we test unusual stuff at Groom Lake” secret – the details may be foggy, but the whole world knows that it’s a government testing base.

If they weren’t on the secret, then you have all these Smart People being well paid to develop what they honestly believe will be a moon rocket – to the tune of several billion dollars. These people all think they succeeded, and they aren’t idiots – they would have noticed things like “Hey, there’s not enough radiation shielding in our design.” So, since all these people think we have a moon rocket, and we spent the money to make it, why just go ahead and make the landing? Hmmm?

As an aside – the Soviet Union at the time definitely had the technological ability to detect whether we really went or not – they were quite close to managing it themselves. If we didn’t really go, the Russians of the late 1960’s really didn’t have much motivation to help us cover it up. Unless you believe that the One World Government was already up and running by then, and the Soviet space establishment was also ordered to lie; in which case, I will choose to bow out of the discussion at this point and move on to another World of Warcraft post of some kind. Circy’s level 60 now! Woo!

The essential Moon Hoax links:

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  • epawtows says:

    Perhaps someone should put up a web site that analyzes the video of Buzz punching that guy, and deduce that the shadows cast by the lights don’t add up and that the entire incident must have been filmed in a secret desert studio.

  • rattrap says:

    Besides, we all know professor Cavor landed on the moon in the 1880s, where he met a strange race of aliens whose leader sounded amazingly like William Shatner gargling.

  • Mikhail says:

    Dude! Now I really want to find an Aldrin look-alike and make that video. I bet I could even get Phil Plait to do a brief interview for it if I asked really nicely!!

  • Mikhail says:


    I need to hear that one sometime, I’ve only heard the Spock vs. Q pair of audiobooks.

  • epawtows says:

    I’m sure there must be a few lens flares that can be made into camera artifacts, an angle on the hotel that could imply it’s a model…perhaps talking about the Vegas sun and radiation exposure (i.e., sunburn). Slow down the film of the punch and say it looks like a normal person break dancing?

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