Berserker mode

We all know of 24-hour viruses. I wonder if it’s possible to have a 24-hour mental illness?

Yesterday, I was a festering ball of rage and frustration, unable to calm myself with any of my psyche tricks, and certainly unfit for company. Why Starr put up with me I don’t know, but she did a lovely job of soothing me over the course of the evening, and by 10 or 11 or so I was able to talk politely and slip off to sleep like a normal person.

I don’t want to do that one again anytime soon. Not just for anyone else’s benefit, but for my own as well. I did not enjoy that.

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  • tzel says:

    It seemed to be a common malady. I was a ball of hate all day yesterday too.

  • calandra says:

    Quite possible. I’ve done that myself. Even my best tricks fail.

  • cjmr says:

    Starr’s a braver woman than I. I tend to just avoid/ignore my husband when he’s like that (aside from providing him with meals).

    Mind you, I’m no treat either, and when I’m feeling like that I have to pick a fight over something trivial, with somebody, anybody. You may have seen the results of that over on Fred’s blog a time or two.

  • There are times that happens to me as well. Usually, it’s the result of bottling things up when something annoys/angers me instead of taking care of the situation when it arises. By the time the “festering ball of rage” manifests itself, I’ve fairly forgotten the things that were bottled up in the first place. It takes me the better part of a day to calm down as well. I do my best not to take it out on innocent bystanders, but sometimes there is collateral damage that I have to apologize for afterwards. Like you, I don’t enjoy it either, but at least I’ve attempted to “remove the cause … but not … the symptoms”.

    On a lighter note, the little $3 theater here in town is showing a sneak preview of “Iron Man” at 8PM tonight. Guess who’s going to the movies tonight?

  • Mikhail says:

    “remove the cause … but not … the symptoms”

    Heh. Awesome, dude. Thanks for the early morning laugh.

    I’ve been hearing good things about Iron Man. I looked at the summer movie list and thought “Holy heck, where did all these come from?” Indy 4 and Speed Racer are high on my list.

  • madwriter says:

    Fortunately that hasn’t happened to me very often, but there have been plenty of days where everything, and I mean everything, set me on edge.

  • rattrap says:

    Interesting. I was in a bad mood because I had to come in three hours early due to an instructor’s bad planning, and still work my full 10-hour shift afterwards. What really had me messed up was a combination of nausea and vertigo, which certainly didn’t help my mood (or digestion). Today, other than some lingering soreness from actually being violently ill, I’m pretty much back to normal.

    Perhaps there was a great disturbance in the force…

  • ashoemaker says:

    I’ve become a believer in the theory that allergies can have major mood-altering effects. Even when I was a wee one, my mom said I’d become a terror on certain days during allergy season. Even now, I’ve come to expect to have occasional really bad mood days in the spring, and I try to be prepared to handle them as best I can.

  • shrewlet says:

    I believe Rattrap’s theory of a disturbance in the force. I’ve been sick for 2 days with some sort of an abdominal problem, plus yesterday, the building that I work at had an electrical fire and we were evacuated and eventually sent home. (fortunately, the fire was small) and we returned to work today.
    Yep, definitely a disturbance!

  • nanoreid says:

    Blame it on May Day. I had fun venting online about the evils of modern unions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Berserker Mode

    Hey Mike,

    Next time that happens come over to our house–trust me–Me Heap Big Menopausal Woman will kick the crap out of you so bad I’ll send you back to Starr as the Cuddly Kitten Stud that you are…hehehe


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