Brief updates

  • 11:51 .67 miles again this am. Working my butt off. Also, found a pic of G.Lucas wearing a “Han Shot First” shirt. #
  • 13:30 20 min. into lunch: not a good time to find that Quiznos no longer carries my favorite sub. Prime rib cheesesteak okay, but too much onions. #

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  • ashoemaker says:

    I read that sub as the prime rib cheesecake and thought that sounded pretty gross (but not beyond the creation of some fast food research lab)

  • Anonymous says:

    RE: Lucas’s shirt, I think we can assume one of two things:

    1: George Lucas has a much better sense of humor than we ever imagined, or

    2: Harrison Ford bought him the shirt, and George didn’t dare NOT wear it. 😀

  • rattrap says:


    “Pluto shot first, and Han is still a planet.”

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