And They’ll Monitor His Mind

I really want to sit and watch some good DVDs, preferably with company as I hate watching movies alone. I wonder if it’s worth it to buy an upconverting DVD player at some point; we’re using the PS2 at the moment.

The Aviator and Catch Me If You Can are on my list. I’ve seen them before, but they are cool enough to make me appreciate Leo as an actor, and Starr’s never seen either. The uncut, re-dubbed My Youth In Arcadia is on the list, as is the recent CGI Appleseed. (Is there an uncut, properly dubbed Galaxy Express 999 available? I’d like to find a good version of that too.)

Also sitting unwatched on my shelf: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Heroic Trio, about which I endlessly badgered kittykatya for a copy; and the new Transformers movie, which may not be fanservice perfection, but at least it’s got the right Optimus Prime voice.

We won’t even talk about the movies in theaters. Everyone’s raving about Iron Man, yes I intend to see Speed Racer despite the reviewer bashing, and ditto Indy 4.

I can’t even blame World of Warcraft for this. I enjoy the game enormously, but go weeks without touching it sometimes.

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  • rattrap says:

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an action love story on a par with Casablanca, and you know what it takes to get me to say that. I haven’t watched my copy of Heroic Trio either, or Cutey Honey Live Action (I tried, but I started to twitch…).

    It’s very dark, so it may not be your cup of tea, but Pan’s Labyrinth is absolute genius. It blew me away when I saw it in the theater.

    They’re already in production on Transformers 2. This one is supposed to definitely have Soundwave, and there are rumors of the Dinobots or Devastator.

  • Mikhail says:

    Yeah, I watched all of Cutey Honey Live Action. I think that mind-altering substances may be necessary for the challenge – I don’t remember what I used, it was probably sleep-dep.

    We watched CTHD last night, and Starr was bawling for 30 minutes afterwards. She has the same reaction to emotional trauma in movies that I have to gratuitous chainsaw shots. This means I’m rethinking showing any Captain Harlock to her…

  • nanoreid says:

    Saw “Iron Man” this weekend. Downey was amazingly good and Jeff Bridges was a scream. I kept waiting for Tony to ask “Why are you doing this!?” and Jeff to reply “Because I’m the Dude.”

    We saw “Forbidden Kingdom” earlier this month and I had three questions upon exiting the theater. 1, When is the sequel coming out? 2, Why did it take so long to get Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the same film?, and 3, When does it come out on DVD?

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