Tunic +1 to Confusion Charms

Swung by the grocery store today to pick up dinner. I was wearing my Technicon 17 (2001) t-shirt, and the cashier kept staring at it. I think kittenchan‘s catgirl in Grecian robes confused the heck out of him.

I just don’t wear the number of t-shirts I used to. At Staples, I had to wear corporate red, but at B&D, Thrifty Nickel, Decipher, and BCT, I could wear what I wanted as long as it was neat, clean, inoffensive, and gender-appropriate. I owned a LOT of t-shirts. But at NASA, polo shirts are the order of the day, so my t-shirt wear has been cut by five-sevenths, and much of my collection has felt the bite of the ongoing ‘stuff’ purge.

Kinda sucks, because I kept seeing t-shirts I like at cons – such as an excellent Jennie Breeden shirt at MarsCon – and having to tell myself, “When will you be wearing this, and how much room do you really have in the dresser?” Sigh. I have a rule that I can buy something new for every two objects of similar kind or size I purge. Maybe I need to do another t-shirt purge soon to make room. Wish I could justify doing another run of TeeFive shirts (and find the art for the back).

EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that I was wearing the TCon 18 shirt. Either I fail at reading Roman numerals upside down, or the +1 to Confusion is working better than I thought.

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  • stori_lundi says:

    I hear ya on the t-shirts. Most of mine are relegated to either dance/workout wear or the older ones for horseback riding. I’ve amassed a small collection of DC United shirts from my 2 Barra Brava jerseys, a Barra skull shirt, 3 free shirts that were handed out at the stadium, and my one offical jersey which I will hopefully have signed by the team tomorrow. Woot!!

    I’ve put a moratorium on t-shirts unless they are so utterly cool, I can’t live without them.

  • dpawtows says:

    And I can report that Boeing doesn’t have much of a dress code. Admittedly, I don’t particularly like wearing T-shirts.

  • That one’s from T-con 18. 2001 is right, though.

  • kittenchan says:

    Yep, my Tcon 18 shirt – I wish I knew where my own 18 shirt was! Not that I could wear it now though 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    Consider cutting up the tshirts and sewing them into a blanket. Imagine a geek quilt. You can do themes like a tcon quilt for instance. Then you keep the designs but make room simulatneously.

    I’ve thought of making said tcon quilt getting shirts from 1 to however many squares it fits.


  • meiran says:

    I’ve been going through a bit of that. Though I keep my old t-shirts that have sentimental value because I still aim to make quilts out of them one day. T-Shirt quilts are very nice and comfy.

    Sounds like you’re making the right kinds of rules for helping yourself de-clutter though : ) I’m still working on that myself, despite the fact that I’ve probably gotten rid of a very high percentage of my “stuff” already. If you never need any advice or help, let me know ; ) My de-cluttering project is over a year old at this point, and still on-going.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gender Appropriate HA

    I can remember a few less than “gender appropriate” days at BCT. I told you you’d never get away with that at NASA!
    Miss you and Starr much,

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