Seven Words Ain’t Enough

Lots of people have posted about George Carlin’s passing. I’ll miss the man; he and Steve Martin were the first two comedians whose albums my parents took away from me 🙂

Much has been made of his dark, often nihilistic humor lately, but many seem to miss that it was the humor of a disappointed idealist who knows that people are better than this, dammit, and hopes like hell that they’ll remember it in time.

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  • phred1973 says:

    Yeah, I always felt that too – and he always spoke the truth and made me think about things from a new perspective.

    I did, however, find his last album to be horrendously bitter and often UNfunny 🙁 There was no underlying delight or hope in his delivery – just bitter and angry and disappointed.

    It made me sad, and I did not bring it with me. I miss the cynical but optimistic George who really did love people, but was going to point out our flaws and nudge us to fix it.

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