As I listened to The Thomas Jefferson Hour yesterday, the following thought crossed my mind:

Imagine that suddenly, you’re motivated to thoroughly research a famous historical figure, and present a weekly podcast in character as that person. You have to play it straight – no parodies or sitcoms. Who do you choose?

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  • Weekly? Wow. Hmm.

    Jane Stickle. I would talk about the progress I was making on my quilt, as well as war news.

  • phred1973 says:

    Aye, I do enjoy that programme. I miss it πŸ™

    Oh! But Free mp3 downloads! *sweet* πŸ™‚

    As for an actual answer, if I can’t be Thos. Jefferson…

    Hrm. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, but possibly Robert E. Lee.

    Neither were perfect, but they were influential, and not completely understood. Lots of seeming contradictions that would make the knowing interesting.

    I would also like to know WTF was Woodrow Wilson all about, anyway… Dude had some real issues…

  • raininva says:

    Well – my gut wants to go with Lady Jane Grey but that not sure how long I could keep it going given how short her reign was. I also want to go with Anastasia Romanov but again, same type of issue.

    So… I think I’d go with Amelia Earhart… again same type of issue as above but it could be fun to go with it and do ones from after the disappearance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, what space/time continuum are you in?! First you are seeing the Doc Who’s weeks before I catch them on the SciFi network, and now you are
    listening to a program the day before Elaine & I hear it on the radio?
    How are you doing this? Out with it man!

    As for historical figure? Prob. Queen Victoria – enough of the righteous,
    stick up ass bombast to suit my personality, while doing her own thing
    in the hush/hush background of which I will never speak.

  • nanoreid says:

    Benjamin Franklin. One of the truly great Founding Fathers. What I wouldn’t give to be able to ask him “Just exactly what did you guys mean when you wrote “blank” in the Constitution?”

  • meiran says:

    Miguel De Cervantes. His life was so varied and weird that there would be a wealth of information to work with.

  • Mikhail says:

    Well, SciFi shows edited episodes of Doctor Who weeks after the BBC shows them. I don’t want to wait, and I don’t want to watch their commercials, so I rely on the kindness of strangers who gladly make the BBC episodes available shortly after broadcast. They aren’t hard to find with a Bit of patient Googling.

    As to the TJH, those are freely available on iTunes a few days before our local NPR station broadcasts them. Just load it up and search for Thomas Jefferson and you’ll have them.

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