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Meme from lemonlye:

When you read this, quote Doctor Who in your LiveJournal.

The Doctor: I don’t suppose you’ve completely ignored my instructions and secretly prepared any Nitro-9, have you?
Ace: What if I had?
The Doctor: And naturally, you wouldn’t do anything so insanely dangerous as to carry it around with you, would you?
Ace: Of course not. I’m a good girl and do what I’m told.
The Doctor: Excellent. Blow up that vehicle.

– “Silver Nemesis”

(I resisted the urge to quote my own fanfic. Aren’t I well-behaved?)

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  • Which story? Shadows of Starfleet or another one?

  • Mikhail says:

    As I recall, the Doctor left Grin a Post-It Note in “Past Present”, but his only actual appearance in the fic was “Breaking the Fall”, when Grin goes to Shadowrun Seattle to collect mages.

    The appearance seemed a bit self-indulgent, honestly, but I left it in since at the time I thought BtF would be a nice semi-apocalyptic end to Grin’s story. “Duty Calls…” was a surprise to me in many ways.

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