The silhouette of a Martian machine

My “grown-up” moment for the week: not bidding on a Lego Mars Rover on eBay even though it came to $10 below retail. I just don’t need to be spending $85 on Lego right now. But I thought about it for a second.

Worked on a shell script today which will automate and streamline installation and troubleshooting of our backup services. I keep forgetting how much I love writing code, especially the bit where it executes and everything works properly and I feel like Dr. Frankenstein shouting “It’s alive!!” I caught the coding bug when the TRS-80s came out, and I’ve never gotten over it.

I headed in to work early today, to help install a glut of new monitors which arrived. Not my usual assignment, but I wanted to help out, and the monitors were the lightest of the equipment to be installed. On the other hand, that does mean a lot of crawling under desks, and even a 22-inch flatscreen isn’t that light after you’ve lifted the tenth one onto a desk. I’m a little tired.

Going to try to get in touch with Mom again tonight.

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  • rebelsheart says:

    Self-control is resisting buying the nearly $200 in stuff saved in my Amazon shopping cart. Avatar seasons 1-3, Iron Man (2-Disc Special Edition), and Speed Racer.

  • ptownhiker says:

    oh, perhaps classic Lego space sets could tempt you. I salivate at these sets here. They are the ones I spent weeks playing with back in the day.

    Beta 1 Command Center

    Galaxy Explorer
    (they are both on eBay currently)

    When I was trawling eBay for Marscon legos a couple of years ago, I looked at these sets, but I couldn’t justify spending the con’s money on the sets I wanted when I could get five times more legos in the bulk lots.

  • Mikhail says:

    Duuuude, the Galaxy Explorer was the first Space set I owned. My favorite old model of my own design was heavily influenced by it, and had many of the pieces.

    Must… resist… nostalgia… attack…

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