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  1. Despite all of the talk about LA traffic, I’ve never been stuck in unmoving traffic for all that long*: usually it at least crawls. It might take a while to get to and from some places, but you’re moving even if slowly. This makes it more annoying than a full stop: at least you got to write. 🙂

    Glad to see it posted (meaning that you moved on and got to work)!

    *I have managed to live and work off of the traffic routes so amusingly enough, the worst traffic I have had to deal with was when I was up in LA and driving down to Disneyland. Nowadays in Orange County already I rarely have to deal with all that much, even when I visit Andy on the other side of Long Beach.

  2. Even better, at least I wasn’t part of the accident!

    Luckily, my supervisors were very relaxed about my tardiness. I think it helped that one of them was stuck in the same traffic jam.

  3. See, that’s a good plan, staying off the main routes. I don’t get to do that plan, because I have to cross the James River somewhere, and all my choices are major arteries heavily traveled at 7am.

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