Tiny tiny tsunami

Once again, utility appliances strike cruelly. Not an oil furnace this time, but my hot water heater, choosing to burst and fill the downstairs apartment with water at quarter-of-six this morning.

The maintenance person shut off and vacuumed up the water, and left to fetch a new heater. Wanting to stick around in case there were further issues, I called in to work and stretched out on the couch. I woke up on the couch at my mom’s house 300 miles away, very disoriented and wondering how the heck that had happened. Knowing I needed to head back to the apartment, I found my keys and wallet and went outside, but while there were strangely dozens of cars in front of the house, none of them were mine.

Then, of course, I woke up for real on the couch in my apartment, doubly disoriented for a few moments. The dream of being awake had been very convincing, even though my mom’s house hasn’t looked quite like that in years.

Shortly thereafter, they came back to work on the water heater some more. It’s noon, and I still have no hot water. Ahh, well.

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  • shrewlet says:

    Well, at least you won’t be charged for clean-up, repairs or anything like that since you rent.

    I know that it’s a poor consolation compared to the dregs of having to go through all of this, but it will get better.

    Hope you have hot water soon!


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