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  1. Ouch, she’s been dealing with that for a while, sounds like it moved in the wrong direction. Doh!

    I’ve got 4 herniated discs so far, they’re not the end of the world 🙂 Tuesday they stick another needle between my T3 and T4, this time trying to numb the nerve root 😀

    Tell Rhaps he can ring me up if they need me, don’t think I have a cell # I can reach either of ’em at.

  2. OUCH. I’ve had a squished and slipped disc and it hurt like hell. I can only imagine what she’s going through. I hope she’ll be okay. I’m still around Roanoke if I can do anything.

  3. they are unsure what caused the l4-5 herniation. the problem that I have been having in my back for the past 9 years was in my sacroiliac.
    Saturday morning when i woke, i had the normal morning pain that i have been waking up to for the past couple and a half months. i tried to stretch it like my chiropractor suggested, but it didnt give me much relief.

    I finally managed to get out of bed, and tried walking to the bathroom to use it, god was that painful trying to sit. I took some ibuprofen and ultram for pain. I managed to get to the living room to my recliner to use the heating pad, hoping that would help. After several hours, very painful trying to get out of the chair. I managed it but only to my knees. I finally broke down and called Rhaps. He didn’t hesitate one sec to come and get me to take me to the ER. I was there for 4 hours. they ran a series of xrays but nothing conclusive at least on those films. So they gave me pain meds, and sent me home, telling me that if the pain got worse, or if I couldn’t Urinate to return. So I stayed at Rhaps’s so he would monitor me. I couldn’t keep even broth down, so at last I went to bed hoping for some measure of sleep. AT about 530am on Sunday, I had to go and tried to get out of bed on my own. the pain was so much that i cried out, which woke Rhaps in the next room and he came to assist me into the Bathroom. I knew that I couldn’t sit because I had tried the night before and it was awful. So he helped me into the shower, turned on the warm water to see if it would relieve my bladder. It didn’t. So he helped me back out, and back into bed. We ended up called the sqaud because my legs were at a point that they wouldn’t support me. They came and took me back to the ER. This time, they sent me for a MRI and that’s where they found the herniation. They tried to contact a surgeon there but to no avail, so they offered to contact one at our sister hospital Roanoke Memorial. So that is where I am. Room 906 West. my number here is 266-5424.

    if anyone is interested. but Im stuck here for the time being. They tried to give me a steroid ESI in my back side to try to ease the swelling. Gah was that the most painful thing I have ever encountered. I’ve been fighting in the SCA for 20 years and have never taken blows that hurt that hard as that shot.
    So we will see what will happen in a couple of days, the surgery is still an option, but they want to see if the injection will help first.

    So I will keep you posted on things as they happen.

    Hugs to you all

  4. Thanks for the update, I’m going to edit and re-post it.

    Starr’s hoping to get home tonight in time to give you a call, she has some questions and advice about your back 🙂

    You sound a lot better in your post than you did when I talked to you. Glad things have stabilized a bit and you have contact with the world!

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