Daft music, schedules, and composing

Now that I’m digging the Daft Punk, everyone’s been saying over and over that I needed to get the Alive 2007 album. Picked it up this weekend, finally listened to it with the speakers turned up on my morning commute. That’s some fine commuting music, that is.

It looks like Starr won’t be making it to Technicon Last; she can’t get out of working that weekend. Her shifts are crazy – it’s a regular thing for her to have five days off in a row, but somehow her scheduled weekend shifts always fall on convention dates. It annoys us both. She has more than enough PTO to cover it if she took off, but that requires a great deal of shift-trading, and for some reason few of her co-workers want to work extra weekend shifts. Can’t imagine why.

I may have a very memorable con costume this year.

I like Twitter because it provides useful writing exercise in expressing onself succinctly. I shouldn’t fret, though, if I miss a few dozen because I’m away from a ‘Net connection. Most of the stuff I’ll want to know shows up in LiveJournal, and LJ’s much easier to keep up with. (Blogging of any kind forces me to keep in mind two good practices: try to avoid that cursed passive voice, and don’t write a novel where a couple of paragraphs will get my point across better.)

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  • krysturtle says:

    Speaking of Technicon. I am planning on being there this time and wanted to offer you my services if you need any help with your pannel(s). I don’t know what you are planning but if you need help with anything (well almost anything) I’m here.

  • Mikhail says:

    I’m still working out what I’m going to offer. I’ve discarded several ideas, and I’d really like to have something by the end of Sunday, so we can put it into whatever promotional bits are left.

    But yes, you are absolutely hired, and I’ll give you an early heads up on what I have in mind to make sure it doesn’t hit ‘almost anything’ territory.

    Speaking of Daft Punk, I always think of you, or at least your journal, when their song “Too Long” plays. There’s a repeatedly-sampled line which is supposed to be “We’ve gonna move!” but sounds a lot more to me like “Do you go moo?” 🙂

  • jsciv says:

    Are you going to be able to hang out after Technicon? I’ll be in town until Tuesday (but won’t be getting in until Saturday morning thanks to GDC) so I’d be well up for hanging out with people after the con (and heck, sometimes it’s easier to actually sit down and chat then since everyone’s engaged at a con).

    I think I’m more or less “over” twitter. More often than not it feels like people are just throwing comments out rather than engaging in dialog, and when you DO see a response it is like you’re listening to half a phone conversation since the thing the person is responding to is likely not on your list (and sometimes is blocked), so in the end twitter (to me anyway) manages to feel alternately isolating and alienating. Just not something that interests me.

  • Mikhail says:

    I’d really like to! My mom would like me to spend some extra time up there too.

    I’ll see if I can swing the time off. Hanging out would be excellent.

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