Character overview: Anderwol “Skid” Dersitaliantis


Anderwol is the first of the Dersitaliantis clan to make it big as a shadowrunner, though not the last. His family members are known for their inability to hold on to money, and one could often find Skid crashed on a friend’s couch or in a Barrens squat, waiting for the next job to improve his situation for a few weeks.

That Skid started his career as a wage mage for a medium-size megacorp is fairly certain, though he doesn’t like to talk about it much and was almost certainly let go under unfortunate circumstances. Like many another mage on the streets, the drain of spellcasting began to catch up to him, and he turned to cyber-implants to try and hang on to his edge.

Skid’s fortunes turned when he hooked up with the TeeFive runner society, though, and when he finally left the shadows for good, he bought a run-down bar on the edge of the Redmond Barrens called the Zombie Zoo. It’s nowhere trendy to be seen, but it’s a good place to get drunk off quality exotic liquor while listening to really bad live music, and so shadow talent does show up there from time to time.


Skid is vague, slothful, and sometimes crude. He’s not an easy man to like, but he never forgets those who help him out, and has sometimes put his life on the line for what he considers an honorable debt. He drinks and sleeps a lot, but somehow retains a keen instinct for magic.


Skid is over six feet tall, with a battered, unhealthy look to him. He’s usually unshaven, and his visible cyberware is usually scuffed and nicked. Skid dresses like an escapee from a 1970s disco, in recent years favoring a Sergeant Pepper jacket and bell-bottoms he picked up in some thrift store.

Favorite weapon:

There’s always an AK-98 assault rifle within arm’s reach of Skid if he has anything to say about it, and though he hates to do so, he’s ready to cast a mana bolt if the situation demands it.


Skid is a walking quirk. His collection of physical twitches, odd speech patterns, and out-of-focus gazes cause most people to give up talking to him within minutes. Still, adversaries underestimate him at their peril.


It’s said (especially by competing bar owners) that the Zombie Zoo isn’t named so for its decor of tombstones and ragged clothing on the faux-gore-streaked waitstaff, but that Skid actually performs experiments in the bar’s basement with the goal of reanimating dead tissue. If asked directly about this, Skid usually makes a remark about his genitals that no one wants to hear.

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