Character overview: Terry “Krasivi” Demidova


Terry’s Russian parents were killed in a bioweapons attack on their home city. She was picked up by a corporate ‘recruitment’ squad, and trained in computers and combat to become one of their shadow operatives. When she completed their training program, she was partnered with Tina Mallyrn, and together they formed the destructive but successful team known as the “Sirens”. On the streets, she calls herself “Krasivi” (“gorgeous”), but those around her call her “Krazy”. They don’t do so to her face, however.

When Terry and Tina were double-crossed and left for dead by their superiors, they extricated themselves leaving a trail of bodies, and declared war against their former corporate patron, which no longer exists. They became free-lance mercenaries, and have since been put on permanent retainer by the Global Security Services Corporation.


Terry is loud, sometimes quite silly, and capable of irrational bursts of anger. She’s only completely loyal to her best friend Tina, but would never betray an employer or friend who treats her honorably and well.


Krasivi is about 5’3″ tall, redheaded, and freckles a bit in the sun. While not muscled as a bodybuilder, she’s strong and fit, and has an iron constitution. On a job, Tina and Terry both usually wear heavy polymer full-body combat armor which has been enchanted to be completely transparent; it frequently amuses them to wear little more than lingerie beneath.

Favorite weapon:

Terry likes loud bangs, and usually carries an autoshotgun with a grenade launcher, or a man-portable missile launcher if she thinks she can justify it.


Terry sometimes has poor impulse control, and will do the most foolish things if they seem like a good idea for a moment. So far, luck, her own skills, and Tina’s help have kept any of her follies from causing her too much harm.


The street says that Terry and Tina enjoy creating amateur pornography in their off hours, but this is most likely just a reaction to the constant titillation of their armor choice.

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