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February: A Con Odyssey — 2 Comments

  1. I must say, I was quite sad that you did not wear the Twilight Sparkle cosplay another day because, truth be told, that was my Star Sapphire jacket day. Friday and Sunday I actually had my Pinkie Pie attire on! I had sewn a fleece beanie and tail as well as wore a pale pink velour workout suit — the works! Next year, man. We must join forces for a retake in true pony form! I will try and locate one of my costume photos — I know it was hard to circulate around everyone — so much going on! MystiCon was a blast.


    • You look amazing, I wish I had seen you in person for a photo!

      I didn’t get to wear the Twilight Sparkle very long on Saturday, because my friends wanted to go out and get something to eat, and I don’t think that Macados was ready for my costume!

      I would definitely love a chance for a retake. I might even have a better wig next year!

      MystiCon was great indeed 🙂

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