Information High

Questions from rattrap have activated the cloaking device


There were ducks napping right outside my front door last night when I got home. This makes me happy. I like ducks.

The Leiji Matsumoto fans on my flist (I know there are a couple) really need to check out this iTunes link… Look! More cool-looking TV I don’t have time to watch!

Wish I could make the Yeager Anniversary picnic this weekend. There are real disadvantages to living 5 hours’ drive away from the fandoms I grew up in. I do feel like I made a modest contribution to the history of the chapter, and I’d love to see everyone again, but it’s not to be this time. Hope everyone has a great time!

Fold-up technology

New phone now. At first, the RAZR wasn’t performing any of the tricks I wanted it to, but I fiddled with it a bit, and now GMail works, and I’ve figured out a way to get my own ringtones onto it without buying ones from Sprint or purchasing a Bluetooth dongle for the Mac. (I might try to get the dongle anyway, since I can then do calendar synchronizing.)

I also found “One More Time“, the first cut off Daft Punk’s “Interstella 5555 (The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem)” on YouTube. I’m still deciding whether I like the music (think it’s a yes), but the video was throwing me some serious late 80’s flashback with its Leiji Matsumoto-y goodness. Gonna have to try to see the whole thing, now.

Speaking of anime, rattrap gave a good review to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which I had just recently heard about on the RDF Underground podcast. The podcasters agree with him that the character designs for the ladies are a bit mammary-focused, but I guess they were shooting for what they felt was an authentic modern anime look. Still, it’s supposed to hold up well, and I’ll be adding it to my collection when I can swing the cash, even if (like The Sentinels) it uses Alphas instead of Valkyries.

Operator 7-G, please contact me immediately is offering a large-scale transforming Garland motorbike toy from one of my favorite anime flicks, Megazone 23. And at the low-low bargain price of $99.95! Sigh. Pout.

I have just finished clearing out a large section of my office – yes, you can actually see floor now – so that Rain can move her computer in here. We need the room, ’cause we’ve offered the spare bedroom to our friend Starr, who really needed a place to sleep while wrapping up nursing school. The help with expenses will be nice, but what clinched the deal was her offer to do dishes for us!

Large rant coming about gamers who think they are the center of the fan universe. Film at 11 (of one day or another.)

Anime Geek Foolishness

Every time the radio mentions that Fiona Apple will soon be performing here, I worry that she’ll go Rampant and try to steal the SDF-1 from its reconstruction dock in Norfolk Harbor.

That elusive… SPARK!

Getting ready for Technicon! Trying to make sure that outfits are washed, promised digital gifts are completed, and other ducks are in a row. Last night I picked up something I need for one of the panels… heh heh heh.

While I chase my tail, here’s Optimus Prime as a real truck.

Welcome 2006

Been away for a while, again. December was a rough month for me; one of the high points was the sinus infection that kept me feverish, nauseated, and flat on my back for all of Christmas weekend. On the other hand, raininva trumped her Valentine’s Day gift to me with an even more geeky present: a 30GB iPod video. Dang, but that thing is small. It’s full of anime and British SF right now, but even with video-on-the-go I never have time to watch anything right now.

Back in April, I barely resisted a rant about SF fans and reviewers. However, this review of the “Starship Troopers” novel pushed the rant to the surface again.

Rant follows…

Dragon*Con 2005 report, pt. 3

Saturday, 9/3

It’s been over a week, so lots of stuff about the con are fading. But I still remember a bunch, like the Lisa Hayes costumer in the elevator in a nice SDF-Macross dress uniform (original TV series). I think she was pleased someone recognized it. There were 3 or 4 uniforms from the old V miniseries, and even a large group of Stonecutters from the Simpsons. While Neos and Trinities and Agents weren’t hard to find, I was pleased to see a well-done Morpheus who looked the part.

The only panel I managed to attend all day was a panel on casting makeup appliances from liquid latex. It was very informative, and there’s no doubt that it makes a lot more sense to buy unless you absolutely need a custom piece. Sadly, the first thing one needs for the process is some sculpting ability, which I’m short on; I took it better, though, than the one fan who got very angry that the panel wasn’t going to teach her to sculpt.

I was pleasantly surprised by one attribute of the con. Crowded it was, and rhaps‘ head probably would have gone all ‘splody by mid-Friday. But it wasn’t the packed mosh pit I’d expected – I rarely had much trouble getting to where I needed to go, and never felt dangerously short on elbow room or oxygen.

When dinner rolled around, we tried to eat at a nearby Steak and Ale, but it was a 90 minute wait, so we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta (my first time in a Hard Rock!) instead. Still lots of congoers there, and some even in costume. I felt sorry for the half-dressed catgirl in a tearful argument with two males outside another restaurant on the way back.

When I got back to the con, I hooked up with a hot gamer chick, headed up to her room, and slept with her. (Translation: Rain’s roommate let her know she’d be out all night, so I got to cuddle my sweetie for the first time all weekend. Too bad sleep was all we could manage *smirk*)

Luna and Battle-Cat are dating

Quote of the day, from “We watch He-Man, Sailor Moon, and other magical girl shows for the stock footage and the monster smiting.”

Now I will have Shojo Universe Master He-Man running around in my head all day. “Greyskull Power Sword Transform!!”

Things I am thankful for today: The alarm clock did not wake me from the midst of a dream, so my head actually made it into second gear by the time I had to drive a car. My body kept trying to slip back into reverse, though. Also, it is sunny today and going to be 70 degrees. I need that right now.

Quick review of the Duran Duran concert from the 8th, before I let it slip any further: That was one excellent evening, and I can’t thank stephaniesmom enough for giving me her extra ticket. It was absolutely worth leaving Fairfax at midnight to drive home. They performed every 80’s song I liked, not just the hits, and some of it was interestingly remixed a bit for live performance. We even had pretty good seats! The only downside was that my ears were quickly overloaded by the concert speakers, as usual, so it was a lot easier for me to follow the lyrics of the familiar 80’s material than the newer stuff. And boy, was I tired by the time I got home!

Wednesday afternoon ponder

70 degrees and sunny outside today when I can’t go out and enjoy it for a couple hours, and it’ll be 45 again this weekend when I can. Poo. At least I’ll be back in western Virginia and might be able to catch up with some people.

The iPod is so nice. I’d forgotten how good that really-loud on-demand Jean-Michael Jarre could be for my moods. mentions this week that there will be a Robotech CCG this summer, and that Robotech: Shadow Chronicles is in pre-production as we speak. Yeah… I will believe in them both when I see them, and wait the same period before I trust in the quality of either. The CCG especially – designing an entertaining CCG with staying power isn’t the cakewalk a lot of companies think – and they take a *lot* of money to support.

I haven’t been real focused the last week or so, and haven’t gotten many things done that I’d hoped to. Have to reign myself in on that.

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