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Why couldn’t Watto take Republic credits? They’d have to be a pretty solid currency at that time. For that matter, why couldn’t Qui-Gon find someone who’d change his Republic credits over to Tatooine ones for a fixer’s fee? “Wretched hives” always have someone who can do this.

Message to the Wachowskis: I saw some of Revolutions the other day, and I’m sorry, but your movies make a lot more sense if Morpheus. Oracle, and Architect were supplying Neo with inaccurate / incomplete information, and Zion / the tunnels were simply another layer of the Matrix. This explains too much to be dismissed, no matter what you tried to sell us in movie three. Maybe what you told us “was true, from a certain point of view.”

I remain amazed at the Tolkien fans who feel that Peter Jackson did a poor job with LOTR. He pulled off a movie-making miracle, coherently filming a epic that the original author considered unfilmable, and in the process winning the hearts of both the general public and the Academy with a fantasy film. Sure, lots of us would have made a few different choices, but I don’t care to hear anyone say he’s a hack until they personally can produce something better.

Over the weekend, a friend made some excellent conjectures on who Harry Potter’s “Half-Blood Prince” might be. At least two of them could lead to very interesting storylines; the trick will be to not have it spoiled before I can read the actual book.

Rain got her PSP yesterday. I’ll say the first thing everyone else does – “Nice Screen!” She’s enjoying a couple of the games, too. With the default settings I found on the web, 30 minutes of video are ~200 MB more or less of a memory card, so at ~$100 for a 1 GB card, it’s clear we won’t be carrying around a fistful of pre-loaded feature-length movies.

I might head to the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. We’ll see.

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  • snidegrrl says:

    I don’t think Tolkien is a hack at all, but I do complain about some specific changes that eliminate some of my favorite moments from the books. I can get downright angry when talking about it. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean that I think he’s like, overall bad or something.

  • Mikhail says:

    I can respect that attitude… I was one of the persons thrilled when Decipher released the trading cards with WETA’s idea of what Tom Bombadil and Radagast looked like. I just wish certain fans understood the difference between “I wish Jackson hadn’t done X” and “Peter Jackson SUCKS!”

    Of course, that’s an eternal fandom problem, I suppose. *resigned shrug*

  • jsciv says:

    When the guys get in I’ll ask them how they fit The Incredibles into 193MB on the memory cards for their PSPs and get back to you. I’m sure there are settings to be tweaked.

  • markush says:

    Idea just popped into brain. “Welcome back Potter” – Mr. Potter, A Muggle-born teacher has returned to Hogwart’s after ten years to teach a remedial magic group. Harry’s “Sweatmugs” were the outcasts of the system, mugglewise but unable or unwilling to make it in magical classes. Assisting him is Mr. Snipe, headmaster and sometime nemesis to the sweatmugs. Hilarity ensues.

  • nviiibrown says:

    That was my prize-winning masquerade skit at SheVaCon 2001.
    “Dear Mister Potter, please excuse Epstein from Quidditch practice because his broom is in the shop, signed Epstein’s mother.”

    I’ve seen it in various incarnations since my Freshman year.

  • nviiibrown says:

    Watto doesn’t take Republic credits because Tattooine wasn’t aligned with the Republic at that time. The world was still under Hutt control and the credits had little to no value in Hutt currency, hurting their chances of buying any slaves.

  • Mikhail says:

    While I get what you’re saying, I’d think it would be the other way around. In terms of purchasing power: Republic credits = American dollars circa 1980, Hutt currency = Soviet rubles from the same period.

    The Hutts would want as much Republic currency as possible to fund their schemes, while Hutt money wouldn’t be much use on Coruscant (except in certain very limited areas).

    OTOH I suppose it’s possible that the Hutt criminal organization is so solid that their currency is strong; I’d still think someone would see a way to make a buck off under-the-table exchanges.

  • ndkid says:
    Should have much abandonware, including X-Com.

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