Brief updates

  • 07:51 Woke up this morning on Riff & Magenta’s home planet: Land of Night (and high electric bills!) #
  • 13:02 Ozzy Osbourne for WoW: Guess his race / class. Go on, guess. #
  • 19:57 Still unpacking. A bit stunned at the amount of STUFF one can extract from a three-bedroom apartment. #

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Let’s Not Do the Time Warp Again

MTV is planning to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What a complete and utter waste of time and money. Something as bizarre as RHPS happens once. You can’t make it better; after all we don’t keep going to see it because it’s good. We go to see it specifically because it scrambles one’s brain, rinses it, and hangs it up to dry; all the while supported by Richard O’Brien’s catchy songs, Tim Curry’s matchless hamming, and a theater full of fellow weirdos who, for 100 minutes, are in the same headspace with us.

I wish them good fortune – they’ll need quite a lot of it.

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Movie thoughts etc.

Why couldn’t Watto take Republic credits? They’d have to be a pretty solid currency at that time. For that matter, why couldn’t Qui-Gon find someone who’d change his Republic credits over to Tatooine ones for a fixer’s fee? “Wretched hives” always have someone who can do this.

Message to the Wachowskis: I saw some of Revolutions the other day, and I’m sorry, but your movies make a lot more sense if Morpheus. Oracle, and Architect were supplying Neo with inaccurate / incomplete information, and Zion / the tunnels were simply another layer of the Matrix. This explains too much to be dismissed, no matter what you tried to sell us in movie three. Maybe what you told us “was true, from a certain point of view.”

I remain amazed at the Tolkien fans who feel that Peter Jackson did a poor job with LOTR. He pulled off a movie-making miracle, coherently filming a epic that the original author considered unfilmable, and in the process winning the hearts of both the general public and the Academy with a fantasy film. Sure, lots of us would have made a few different choices, but I don’t care to hear anyone say he’s a hack until they personally can produce something better.

Over the weekend, a friend made some excellent conjectures on who Harry Potter’s “Half-Blood Prince” might be. At least two of them could lead to very interesting storylines; the trick will be to not have it spoiled before I can read the actual book.

Rain got her PSP yesterday. I’ll say the first thing everyone else does – “Nice Screen!” She’s enjoying a couple of the games, too. With the default settings I found on the web, 30 minutes of video are ~200 MB more or less of a memory card, so at ~$100 for a 1 GB card, it’s clear we won’t be carrying around a fistful of pre-loaded feature-length movies.

I might head to the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. We’ll see.

Marscon and stuff

Got back from Marscon Sunday. It was an interesting weekend – all the rooms were taken over by a military group preparing for special training, so all the attendees had to drive back and forth to their hotels. Put a damper on things, that’s for sure. I wish I’d remembered that there would be a Rocky Horror show on Saturday night – maybe they’ll do it again next year.

Caught up with kittykatya, impink, tzel, Tom & Donna, Jesse, Suzanne, Dave & Jodi, Dwight, Helen, and a bunch of other folk. I got some cheap Discworld paperbacks, and another Steve Jackson card game; for $1, I also bought a memory – the two books of the 1978 D&D Basic set (4th or 5th printing). We also got some Deadlands modules, and raininva won an auction for a signed uncut sheet of WARS: Nowhere to Hide!

Screen-capture trivia: the men’s miniskirt Starfleet uniform from the early Season One episodes of TNG. Strange that this didn’t catch on. I mean, can’t you just see Worf running around in it?

There was something else on my mind, but it’s gone now.

Continuing the saga of the books I’ve read this year – just finished a re-read of Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. I have to give Asimov credit for, in the space of a few short stories, giving me the feel of observing the fall of a Galactic Empire.

Best-laid plans gang aft agley

I’m quite pleased! My work is giving me an extra hour to vote tomorrow; I think I’ll take either a long lunch or a late morning. I’m loving getting up an hour later by my body’s clock, but I know all too well that I’ll adjust soon. And I’m gonna hate driving home at night for the next few months.

This morning, I gave all the buttons on my radio the chance to hold my attention by playing some music. Sadly, they all insisted on taking phone calls instead, so they lost to the mp3 player.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to VTSFFC Halloween – especially since I’d been looking forward to it for months 🙁 But 2 tanks of gas hit my check card a lot harder than they used to, and I just couldn’t swing it. Those VTSFFCers I don’t see at MarsCon, I hope to see at Technicon.

Since my original Saturday plans didn’t work out, I ended up going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Naro theater down here. It was a pretty fun show, with some good cast members and excellent costumes. It suffered from “line creep” – so much shouting of lengthy response lines that 75% of the movie’s drowned out – but hell, it’s not like I don’t know all the dialogue already. Yes, I dressed up 🙂 They run their show about once a month, and I’m tempted to make it a repeating thing for me.

Sunday was a very good day. In a seeming non-sequitur, I want to mention that I love raininva very very much. She’s always reminding me why I’m so happy to be with her.

Vennsday, venn else?

One of the salespeople here is named Natashia. Random free-association, which often occurs while I lay down clipping paths in Photoshop, led me to old memories of Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. From there, idle thoughts about bad Eastern European accents led elsewhere; and I now have the entire soundtrack, with dialogue and audience responses, of The Rocky Horror Picture Show running uncontrollably through my head.

“Ahhhh, I grow veary of this vorld! Venn shall ve return to Transylvania, hah?”

My ongoing fame

I am now a star of stage, screen, and webcomic 🙂 Check out Fragile Gravity today (April 23rd comic). For those unsure, I’m third from the left in panel 4. Yep, that’s raininva next to me.

Thanks for the guest spot, guys!

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Just did a Rocky Horror showing at TCon 19, thanks to Barb’s video room… now it looks like a local club will be running it midnight Friday and Saturday at the Cinema Cafe. $3.50 for tickets, $2 for a prop kit. Tolls of Madness is the link. We might go to the Saturday showing after TCon Dead Dog.

This could get expensive.

According to kittykatya, my friend Denise saw me as Magenta at Technicon‘s showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and commented that I had “legs up to there”.

So, basically, all the compliments on appearance I received last weekend came from: a) the white dinner jacket / black slacks combo, or b) the black vinyl maid’s outfit with the fishnet hose.

Apparently I need to rethink my wardrobe.