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Next box has the Ark of the Covenant — 8 Comments

  1. Last treasure unearthed: my Wireframe Babylon Project books and GM screen. The savvy fan will find the names of jsciv, yubbie, and impink within; and down in the playtesting credits, a listing for some doof that goes by mikailborg online. Yeah, I’m keeping that one.

    Seems like a lifetime ago…

  2. “You don’t have a light jacket right now? Okay, we’ll just drop the morning temp to 45 degrees so you can wear your winter coat, does that help?”

    Sounds like light jacket weather to me. . .

    Amber Diceless, at least the core book, is increasingly difficult to come by. (Copies of Shadow Knight, the supplement, regularly turn up on the “buy one get three free” table at Origins.) Definitely a keeper.

  3. Nowhere, yet. If you want ’em, this can be arranged. I’ve got the “Rhonda’s Irregulars” scenario book, the “Periphery” sourcebook, and the “Mercenary’s Handbook” for the Mechwarrior RPG second edition. Might have some more, I could swear I had two or three more scenario books in there.

  4. I have a core book with both Erick Wujick’s and Roger Zelazny’s signature. Thank goodness I got to see Roger at a convention in Lynchburg, VA sometime in the early 90’s! Of course, it’s really only worth something to me.

    A friend of mine, Edwin Voskamp (someone who with whom I used to play a LOT of Amber DRPG) picked up the rights and will be publishing a new version. Not sure when though. It’s not like it’s a big money-making venture after all.


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