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  1. A suite at the Microtel is not “going nuts” IMO since as you point out it’s less expensive than rooms in many places and since it’s also only $10/night more than the rooms which give “micro” its name.

    Sunday night. Dinner. Conversation. Maybe a game.

    Congratulations on the house! Know anyone in southern California willing to do the same for me? 🙂

  2. Sunday night. Dinner. Conversation. Maybe a game.

    Yup, we’re on 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it!

    Everyone I know in SoCal consists of you and a couple kinky friends with their own financial drama! But if I hear of any deals, you’ll be the first to get the news, promise!

  3. As soon as we get the rest of Starr’s folks’ stuff moved out!

    Seriously, after checking the calendar and going over other commitments, I’d love to throw something in late July if we can – keep your eyes here 🙂

  4. Now we just have to make the money happen. And here I though life was going to settle down for a week or two!

    They’ll be taking the sofas with them… but giving us a big sectional they have in storage. So there will still be gamer seating!

  5. We’ve hit our first glitch, but I think we’ve hurdled it. When I am Planetary Dictator, I’ll be simplifying the insanely complicated buying process, to be sure!

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