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  • 14:35 Just got verbally approved for the house loan. Stomach doing acrobatics. #
  • 21:04 @jephjacques The correct response to that is to blow him a kiss and say “thank you” in your best “Queer Eye” Carson Kressley voice. #

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  • kittykatya says:

    Yay for verbal approval! 😀

  • kittykatya says:

    BTW, apropos of nothing, I just noticed your entry tags have nearly a magnetic poetry quality about them. By staring at them for a few moments, I got the fun phrases, “doctor who dreams ducks exercise”, “newton pain parties”, “philosophy pirates plumbing podcasts”, “rising star, sailor moon” (one of my favorite Ang Lee films, btw), and “whitney, work world of warcraft writing zombies!” 😀

  • raininva says:

    What interest rate did they quote you? Are they doing an FHA loan or a VHDA loan?

    Having just gone through this if you need any help or want all the info on the Homebuyer tax credit just ask.

  • Mikhail says:

    I’m going through Wachovia, they are offering me an FHA loan at 5.25% (5.88% APR).

    We can afford the monthly payments with no problem. The down payment / closing costs are proving to be a little trickier, but we think we’ve got a good handle on that too.

    I’d be pleased to learn what you know about the tax credit. We’ve already talked about it a bit, it looks like it will be a nice amount next year! But now I have to start itemizing for the first time.

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